Facebook Oversight Board Criticizes Indefinite Trump Suspension

A member of Facebook’s Oversight Board criticized Facebook’s move to indefinitely suspend President Donald Trump’s account, saying the company’s rules are problematic.

The Oversight Board ruled last week that it would keep a ban on the former commander-in-chief’s account due to his comments on Jan. 6.

“We gave them a certain amount of time to get their house in order,” board member Michael McConnell, a former federal judge, told Fox News. “They needed some time because their rules are a shambles. They are not transparent. They are unclear. They are internally inconsistent. So we made a series of recommendations about how to make their rules clearer and more consistent.”

Adding that Facebook “exercises too much power,” McConnell said Trump is “subject to the same rules on Facebook as everyone else.”

“The Oversight Board held that this was in fact a violation and thus Facebook was justified in taking them down,” McConnell said Sunday. “What we did say, though, was that they were not justified in taking him down indefinitely, that they did not provide any reasons for that, that is not a provision in their rules. That was wrong.”