Exclusive Interview: A Frontline Perspective on the Battle Against Human Trafficking

American Faith interviews former South Carolina congressional candidate Lynz Piper-Loomis regarding her involvement in the fight against human trafficking.

  • Lynz Piper-Loomis, Constitutional Conservative from South Carolina, shared her story with American Faith in how she actively leads in governmental spheres against human trafficking, partnering with prominent figures such as General Michael Flynn, former Trump-era national security advisor.
  • Piper-Loomis describes herself as an “overcomer,” as she was groomed and trafficked as a child by both her relatives and Child Protective Services (CPS).
  • Her story of hope and healing from God is recorded in her book I Am Silent No More.
  • The former congressional candidate’s recent involvement in the fight against human trafficking consists of exposing the issue on a governmental level and calling for action to be taken on the issue, focusing on engaging Americans politically.
  • Piper-Loomis’ work emphasizes exposure, education, and legislation, in “trying to work with leaders across the board” to mobilize people in America and beyond to fight the evil of human trafficking.
  • “My goal is to mark the cartel as domestic terrorists,” she told American Faith. “In other countries, they don’t allow this stuff. We have to have these things in place.”
  • Details of Piper-Loomis’ efforts are currently unable to be made public.
  • “[Human trafficking] is the largest criminal enterprise globally,” Piper-Loomis stated.
  • One piece of legislation Piper-Loomis is currently working toward would ban chemically castrating children. “The current agenda as it stands for the woke ideology here in America is that some kids are being given a drug called Lupron without parental consent in the schools,” Piper-Loomis said, explaining how the chemical castration drug prevents puberty from occurring. “It’s used in pedophilia rings and trafficking rings for various purposes,” she added.
  • Piper-Loomis described her experience at the southern U.S.-Mexico border, revealing that Christian non-governmental organizations (NGO) are in fact “aiding and abetting the trafficking of children with the cartel.”
  • “What I saw at the border—the rape trees, children are drugged with Dramamine, raped by the cartel, and their diapers are hung on trees as trophies,” said Piper-Loomis, describing the horrors of the Southern Border crisis. “Women are told as part of their down payment to get across not to fight [rape] or they will be murdered,” she said.
  • Trafficking scenes are “very horrific,” she added, describing organ harvesting and other gruesome encounters.
  • She noted that President Donald Trump was the “first president, ever, to fight against trafficking on such a large scale.” Trump’s efforts included DNA-testing children and conducting investigations into the adults accompanying the children, as many “family units” include cartel members.


  • Piper-Loomis and General Flynn met through a mutual friend who requested Piper-Loomis to pray for the general.
  • General Flynn’s family launched the ‘Little Flower Advisory Board,’ part of “Project Defend & Protect Our Children” created by America’s Future. Piper-Loomis was requested to come on as an expert on the subject of human trafficking.
  • She said that there “is nothing like it,” as everyone has a niche and individually brings their skillsets to accomplish their shared goal.
  • General Flynn “never stops serving” and uses the “platform God has given him… to expose what’s happened,” according to Piper-Loomis, adding that the general brings a level of understanding as to how these operations “take place and what needs to happen.”


  • Americans need to become aware of the extent of human trafficking, starting in the pulpit.
  • “We have to talk about government from the pulpit,” Piper-Loomis said. “The only way that we can overcome this is through God and the church rising.” She later added that a lot of churches “have actually enabled and said, ‘We don’t want to offend anyone,’ and they’re not going to be able to stand in this hour.”
  • Americans can “take back their government and give it to the Lord” by getting involved as a church body.
  • “The only way we can fix this is by legislation,” Piper-Loomis said, beginning with action at the local level.
  • Earlier in January, one of the most notorious human traffickers was arrested, according to INTERPOL.
  • Kidane Zekarias Habtemariam was convicted of trafficking thousands of people during the European migrant crisis.
  • Dutch authorities said Habtemariam was “one of the world’s most notorious and cruelest people smugglers” who ran a camp in Libya where people fleeing to Europe were beaten and raped.