Ex-VP Pence Says Americans Want Trump’s Policies Back

Ex-US Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday told CBS news that Americans are looking for a return of the Trump-Pence admin’s policies.

From Sputnik:

"Everywhere I've gone for the last two years, I've heard people tell me that they want to get back to the policies of that administration. The Trump-Pence administration delivered for the American people," Pence told [the] American broadcaster.

The politician went on to say that Biden's policies resulted into "the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan," the economy in recession, "a gusher of spending in Washington, D.C.," and "the worst inflation in 40 years."


Trump announced his latest presidential bid on Tuesday, a week after the Republican Party failed to gain control of the Senate and an anticipated broad wave of support for them never materialized in the House midterms.

Biden has yet to formally announce a reelection bid, saying earlier this month that he will decide on the matter next year.