Ex-governor Mike Huckabee says he now identifies as ‘Chinese’ on Twitter, trolling leftists

Mike Huckabee has been accused by many of fueling anti-Asian hatred with a tweet that mocks identity politics, saying the former governor now identifies as Chinese to get free stuff.

“I’ve decided to ‘identify’ as Chinese. Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my ‘values’ and I’ll probably get shoes from Nike & tickets to @MLB games. Ain’t America great?” Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and now a long-running television host, tweeted over the weekend. 

Huckabee’s tweet appears to be a hit at identity politics connecting two separate issues that have gotten the attention of major corporations. Coke, Delta, and Major League Baseball have also protested Georgia’s controversial new voting law, with the MLB even moving their much-anticipated All Star Game out of Atlanta in light of the new measure passing. 

Democrats have slammed the new law, which adds an identification requirement for absentee ballots and limits certain aspects of voting, like ballot drop boxes, as discriminatory, but Republicans have defended it as necessary to ensure election integrity.