Ex-Cuomo Aide Tells CBS She Was ‘Groomed’ for Sex

Charlotte Bennett, 25, a former executive assistant to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is making her first televised allegations, saying she believes she was being “groomed” for sex.

Bennett’s exclusive interview with Norah O’Donnell on “CBS Evening News” is set to air Thursday.

In a preview posted on Twitter, O’Donnell details how Bennett repeats the claims that Cuomo, 63, “asked her about her sex life” and whether “she had sex with older men” and “told her he was lonely.”

Also, O’Donnell said, Bennett “talks about how she believes that Gov. Cuomo groomed her.

“Ms. Bennett’s concerns were treated with sensitivity and respect and in accordance with applicable law and policy,” Cuomo adviser Beth Garvey said in a statement, according to the New York Post. “She was consulted regarding the resolution, and expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the way in which it was handled.”

Bennett lawyer Debra Katz says the allegations have “derailed her career.”

Bennett left the $55,000-a-year job in the Cuomo administration in November, per the Post.

“I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and felt horribly uncomfortable and scared,” Bennett has claimed, per the report.

In his first public remarks about the allegations of three women, Cuomo gave an apology for “unintentionally” making women feel “uncomfortable,” and said he was “embarrassed,” but he denied “inappropriate” touching.

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