Bodycam video shows Columbus teen was attempting to stab someone when police shot her

If cops aren’t supposed to use lethal force in this situation, when are they?

Tuesday night, the family of a Columbus, Ohio teenager claimed that police shot her without provocation or justification. In order to forestall any potential civil unrest, Columbus police promptly released bodycam footage showing that, in fact, the girl was attempting to stab two different people at the time she was shot, and that officers repeatedly gave her verbal warnings to get down before firing shots.

The still frame video from just seconds before the shooting demonstrates that she was literally in the process of attempting to stab someone when police shot her.

You might have thought that this would have ended the ruckus over this particular incident, and that everyone would have acknowledged that it is of course appropriate for officers to use lethal force to prevent someone from being stabbed to death right in front of them.

Unfortunately, you would have been wrong.

A number of prominent liberals took to social media on Wednesday, even after the body camera footage was released, and claimed that either the officer was at fault, or that his actions were evidence of a broken policing system. For instance, the official Twitter account for the national American Civil Liberties Union tweeted, “We’ll say it again — a system that kills children with impunity cannot be reformed.” The ACLU’s tweet did not have any thoughts for the child who could have been killed if the cop had not intervened.