Evangelist Blasts Woke Pastors For Failing The Body of Christ At A Time Like This

Renowned California-based minister Mario Murillo went after “woke” pastors who have failed to live up to their calling and become soldiers for the gospel in the face of hardship, especially at a time like this.

At Andrew Wommack’s Truth & Liberty conference in Colorado Springs for his “Man on Fire” lecture, Murillo called on the body of Christ to take a firm stance against the kingdom of evil, “wokeism,” and left-wing agendas in the name of Jesus Christ.

“American Christianity has faltered more on one point than any other,” he said. “She has been slow to action, and slow to understand her duty in the crisis that she’s in. How could we have expected millions of Christians to vote right? When we ban the Bible from our purpose? Or maybe, you know, I’m just gonna say it like it is. That’s all there is to it, because that’s what this pulpit is used to. “

This was followed by an exhortation for God’s men and women to give up their egos and opinions in order to bring about change in the world.

“We don’t need speculation. We certainly don’t need someone up here to wordsmith or come up with some ideas that will move you. We need truth. We need unvarnished truth from heaven,” he said.

His next point was about the pastors who are charged with proclaiming the unadulterated truth of God’s Word from the pulpit.

“The curse of our era is that American preachers are fighting to expand and sustain their celebrity when they should be sacrificing everything in order to spare America,” asserted Murillo.

Thus, he encouraged his listeners to adopt the mindset that they are not only “peace-time pastors,” but also “wartime pastors,” and to begin behaving accordingly.

Murillo then pointed to the noble and faithful pastor’s actions during World War I and II and stated that they should follow suit.

“You should be organizing your churches. Get everyone down to the school board meeting, the county commission meeting the city council meeting. Hit your folks to start working together let them start getting ready for what everyone can see is coming. The time for churches to provide widespread medical care is nearly here,” he continued.

In light of how commercial and public healthcare institutions are apparently refusing to treat patients unless they have been vaccinated, and OSHA’s insistence on a vaccination mandate that was temporarily suspended, the medical treatment is essential.

“With vaccination mandates, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how we ever made the connection between someone saying you take this mark or you can’t buy or sell. How did that not get in your brain? Your members are going to be fired for their jobs. They may have trouble finding gainful employment. They need help, a kind of help if never dealt with before and there will be a lot of them,” Murillo reads from a letter of a Christian lawyer.

Even though Murillo agreed with parts of the letter’s content, he did not agree with everything.

“I believe that the hand of God is going to spare America from the agenda of woke, this and that,” he said. “A miracle is even at the door.”

Murillo recounted a time when a mega-preacher accused him of being a “Buddha politician” for being political in his blogs. (The reason Murillo began his blog was because of what God had previously commanded him to do.) After being accused of politics by a megachurch preacher, Murillo inquired about the pastor’s stance on abortion, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, and the exploitation of racism in Critical Race Theory. When questioned why he didn’t preach against them, the pastor merely said he was afraid of losing people.

Losing members, Murillo said to the pastor, corresponded to losing votes in a megachurch, and that the preacher was the politician, not him.

“I want all of you to understand there are no exemptions from the war we are in,” he said. “Pastor, you are not exempt. You are not exempt. And to say to me, ‘I cannot preach politics in my pulpit’ is the most political thing you could ever say. “

“We’re at a point where if you’re a puppet, you’re refusing to talk about abortion. If you’re refusing to attack the manipulation of our children, if you’re refusing to act that, you, as a pastor or trader and you know what, you’re a traitor to your own people,” he added.

The rest of Murillo’s lecture is spent calling out the denominations that have the most influence in America, including Southern Baptist, Assemblies of God, and other Pentecostals, for their blind spots.

And, as is customary for him, he follows up a reprimand with words of encouragement and a prayer.

Watch Mario Murillo preach during the Truth & Liberty conference below: