European Data Shows Evident Link Between Immigration and Crime

Violent crime has risen across European nations for the last decade, most recently seen in the crime spike within Sweden. A study conducted by RealClearInvestigations revealed a heavy correlation between criminal activity and immigration. The same information may be applied to the United States’ increased crime waves with its southern border crisis, although few state officials track the immigration status of those in prison.

From Real Clear Wire:

“These results are consistent with other studies in various European countries showing that immigrants – as a group – commit crime at higher rates than the native-born population,” said Tino Sanandaji of the Institute for Economic and Business History Research in Sweden. 

Despite the European Union’s population being over one-third larger than America’s, the estimated 3.8 million illegal entrants over 10 years is less than the estimated 5 million illegal immigrants who have entered the United States since President Biden took office less than two years ago.  

Homicides across the EU rose by about 8% between 2019 and 2020, with Germany and Hungary experiencing 25% increases. Sweden’s rose by 11%. Rising crime emerged as a key political issue there and elsewhere, contributing to September victories in Sweden and Italy by more conservative parties that made crime a key plank in their platforms.