Ethics Complaint Reveals Adam Schiff Falsely Registered, Ineligibly Voted

An ethics complaint filed against Congressman Adam Schiff by a citizen alleging that he has committed election and voter fraud claiming he was both a citizen of California and Maryland.

Report from The Gateway Pundit:

Schiff refinanced his home in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 claiming the Maryland home was his primary residence. In 2009, a House Ethics investigation claimed that Schiff did this and Schiff claimed it was an error and he repaid the exempt taxes to the state of Maryland.

A fellow member of Congress was charged with criminal counts for doing the same thing, Steven Watkins, of Oklahoma.

In addition, the amount of the home mortgage has remained basically the same this entire time. Congress should look into this as well.

When asked about his residence in Maryland a couple of months ago while on the campaign trail running for US Senate in California, Schiff called it a “non-issue.”  He added that his primary residence was in California and neglected to mention that he had repeatedly claimed his Maryland home was his primary residence.

Schiff received better rates on his mortgage on the Maryland property by claiming it was his primary residence as opposed to his secondary residence.

At the same time that Schiff claimed his property in Maryland was his primary residence, he must have claimed that he was a resident of California to run for the US House in California.