Establishment Republicans Suggest Engaging With Democrats in Choosing House Speaker

Some establishment Republicans have suggested the GOP work with Democrats in picking the next House Speaker. Because several Republicans are not content with the likelihood that Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) may be the next Speaker, they have offered to consider Democrats’ opinion and ultimately have a more moderate Republican as House Speaker. The fear for many in choosing a House Speaker is the potential for “total gridlock,” said Nebraska Republican Don Bacon.

From Breitbart:

Bacon is not the only Republican who declined to rule out the possibility of working with the Democrats to elect a Speaker.

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) left open that possibility, telling Newsmax on Monday that McCarthy has not addressed specific changes he wants to see brought to Congress that would empower rank-and-file members, including allowing amendments from the floor to advance with a majority of the majority and giving them more of a role in choosing who sits on the Steering Committee, which in turn decides which members end up on each committee.

“We brought it to him in good faith a couple of months ago, we’ve asked to meet with him since that time to sit down and try to get, ‘well what is your proposal?’ and we’ve not gotten a response from the leader to that effect,” Good said.

Good added that “there’s a number” of GOP representatives who want to see a contested run for Speaker.