Establishment Media Assembling 2022 Election Denial

Several legacy media companies have begun publishing articles warning Americans of misinformation, extremism, and Russian hacks in preparation for 2022 midterm denials. Some leftist media groups suggest the Republican push for mail-in ballot verification threatens to disenfranchise voters.

From Breitbart:

The election deniers at the far-left Star Tribune: “Russia reactivates its trolls and bots ahead of Tuesday’s midterms.”

The election deniers at the far-left USA Today: “Disinformation is a midterm elections threat that could keep millions of voters at home.”

The election deniers at CNNLOL: “Feds warn that domestic violent extremists pose heightened threat to midterm elections.”

The election deniers at the far-left Washington Post: “Republicans sue to disqualify thousands of mail ballots in swing states.”

“While the rejections may have some basis in state law,” admits the Post, “experts say they appear to go against a principle, enshrined in federal law, of not disenfranchising voters for minor errors.”