Eric Clapton: Vaxxed Are ‘Victims Of Mass Formation Hypnosis’

Guitar legend turned anti-vaxxer after being injured by AstraZeneca vaccine.

  • Guitarist Eric Clapton said subliminal messaging hidden in advertising is leading people to get the vaccine in a new interview for The Real Music Observer YouTube channel, The Daily Wire reports.
  •  The singer-songwriter said he hadn’t gotten “the memo,” but then “started to realize there was really a memo, and a guy, Mattias Desmet [professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium], talked about it. And it’s great. The theory of mass formation hypnosis. And I could see it then. Once I kind of started to look for it, I saw it everywhere.”
  • “Then I remembered seeing little things on YouTube which were like subliminal advertising. It had been going on for a long time: that thing about ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy,’” Clapton explained. “And I thought, ‘What’s that mean?’ And bit by bit, I put a rough kind of jigsaw puzzle together. And that made me even more resolute.”
  • The rock star said he chose to speak out in opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine because his “career had almost gone anyway. At the point where I spoke out it had been almost been 18 months since I’d been forcibly retired. I joined forces with Van and I got the tip Van was standing up to the measures and I thought, ‘Why is nobody else doing this?’ so I contacted him. He said, ‘I’m just objecting, really. But it seems like we’re not even allowed to do that. And nobody else is doing it.’”
  • “He sent me Stand and Deliver, which he’d already recorded. And it was during the process of talking about that with another musician, getting excited and sharing the news I found that nobody wanted to hear that.  I was mystified, I seemed to be the only person that found it exciting or even appropriate. I’m cut from a cloth where if you tell me I can’t do something, I really want to know why,” Clapton said.
  • The four-and-a-half minute blues song includes some harsh lyrics, Daily Wire notes.
  • “Do you wanna’ be a free man or do you wanna be a slave?” Clapton, the former Cream guitarist, sings in the song. “Do you wanna’ wear these chains until you’re lying in the grave?”
  • The song goes on, “Magna Carta, Bill of Rights/ The constitution, what’s it worth?/ You know they’re gonna’ grind us down, ah/ Until it really hurts/ Is this a sovereign nation/ Or just a police state?/ You better look out, people/ Before it gets too late.”
  • And the song ends with Clapton singing, “Dick Turpin wore a mask too,” which is a reference to an 18th century highwayman who wore a mask to hide his identity as he committed crimes, according to Daily Wire.
  • Clapton also wrote “This Has Gotta Stop,” which premiered in August 2021.
  • The chorus goes, “This has gotta stop, enough is enough // I can’t take this BS any longer // It’s gone far enough, you wanna claim my soul // You’ll have to come and break down this door.”