Elon Musk Says U.S. Media, Education Is ‘Racist Against Whites & Asians’

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently stated that the mainstream media and education system in the United States are “racist against whites and Asians.”

The remarks were made in response to the controversy surrounding the “Dilbert” cartoon creator, Scott Adams, who suggested that white Americans should “get the hell away from black people” after a Rasmussen survey showed that nearly half of black Americans could not agree with the phrase “it’s okay to be white.”

Musk’s comments came after several newspapers decided to drop the Dilbert cartoon in response to the controversy.

He responded to a social media post that pointed out the media’s treatment of the situation, saying that while the media was previously “racist against non-white people” for a long time, it is now “racist against” whites and Asians.

The billionaire entrepreneur also pointed out that this issue extends to American elite colleges and high schools, saying “Maybe they can try not being racist.”

He further suggested that the education system should work to eliminate discrimination against whites and Asians, as it had previously worked to combat racism against non-white individuals.