Elon Musk Says Twitter ‘Interfered With Past Elections’

Former Twitter trust and safety head says company not safe with Musk.

  • Twitter has “failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections,” Elon musk said in a recent tweet.
  • The Silicon Valley tech mogul promised to release internal documents that would restore the public’s trust in the company.
  • One Twitter user said, “Twitter has shown itself to be not safe for the past 10 years and has lost users’ trust. The past team of ‘trust and safety’ is a disgrace, so it doesn’t have any right to judge what is being done now. They had a chance, but they sold their souls to a corporation.”
  • The Tesla and SpaceX CEO responded, “Exactly. The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections.” He went on to promise that “Twitter 2.0” will be “far more effective, transparent, and even-handed.”
  • Recent changes by Musk have caused Twitter’s former head of trust and safety who left shortly after Musk took over to say that the social media platform is “not safe” under its new ownership.
  • Twitter’s former head of trust and safety, Yoel Roth, weighed in on Musk’s changes saying the company no longer has enough staff to work the safety department.
  • During Roth’s first interview since exiting the company, he spoke at the Night Foundation conference on Tuesday, saying that he believed not enough of the previous 2,200 employees working on content moderation were still at the company, due to layoffs.
  • The Twitter veteran was not sure how many safety workers were at the company, but he asserted that it was not enough.
  • Roth was part of a number of iconic decisions by the platform, including steering the social media platform to permanently suspend former President Donald Trump.
  • Musk recently made headlines when he called on the United States Federal Reserve to cut key interest rates as soon as possible to avoid a severe recession.
  • The Tesla CEO said the regulator’s recent attempts to bring down inflation could make the economic problem even worse.
  • Musk made his comments on Wednesday in an exchange with Tesmanian (Tesla Accessories and News) portal co-founder Vincent Yu and several other executives.
  • “Trend is concerning. Fed needs to cut interest rates immediately. They are massively amplifying the probability of a severe recession,” Musk posted, prompting Yu to respond, saying he was “expecting a real economic recession in 2023… prepare for any macro storm ahead of us.”