Elon Musk Reactivates Alex Jones’ X Account

X CEO Elon Musk has reinstated the account of Alex Jones over the weekend, after the conservative had been banned on the platform for nearly five years.

“Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform? Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk asked on his account Saturday.

With around 2 million votes on the post, more than 70% agreed that Jones should be reinstated.

“The people have spoken and so it shall be,” Musk tweeted once the poll was over.

Jones was banned from Twitter in 2018 for violating the company’s “abusive behavior policy” by the company’s prior management.

With his first action on his reactivated X account, Jones retweeted a post from influencer Andrew Tate that read, “To show respect to Alex Jones for his triumphant return and to show respect to Elon being a hero – tell a globalist to get [expletive] today.”