Elon Musk Considering Warning Labels For CNN’s Biased Tweets

Twitter CEO Elon Musk said this week that he is considering placing warning labels on CNN’s tweets.

  • Twitter owner Elon Musk mentioned Monday that he may begin placing propaganda warnings on tweets posted by CNN after the network reportedly refused to share information on the COVID lab leak theory.
  • According to an insider at the media outlet, during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, then CNN president Jeff Zucker told his staff not to post about the origins of the virus because it was a “Trump talking point.”
  • CNN not only refused to talk about the truth behind COVID, but the network also allowed its writers to publish stories on “how to debunk coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theories.”
  • When a Twitter user asked if the CEO was “going to label CNN as State Affiliated Media,” Musk responded by saying the organization should be flagged if it is not a balanced news outlet like it claims.

“Besides misleading the public, they withheld evidence for partisan political reasons that sent people to prison for far more serious crimes than they committed,” Musk said, referring to members of Congress.

  • Earlier this week, it was reported that CNN used “misleading” data from the Gun Violence Archive claiming that the United States had already surpassed 100 mass shootings this year.
  • CNN ignored the standard definition of a mass shooting as an “individual who kills four or more people in a single incident (not including himself)” in order to boost numbers such that gun crime looks worse than it really is.
  • In January 2023, CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen admitted that the medical community had been “overcounting” the amount of “COVID deaths and hospitalizations.”
  • “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States is experiencing around 400 COVID deaths every day. At that rate, there would be nearly 150,000 deaths a year. But are these Americans dying from COVID or with COVID?” Wen wrote at the time.