Elon Musk Accuses the BBC of Misinformation, Failure to Report Vaccine Side-Effects

After BBC reporter James Clayton asked Elon Musk about Twitter’s policy change regarding “misinformation” for COVID-19, Elon Musk asked if the “BBC changed its COVID misinformation?”

Clayton insisted that their discussion is about Twitter, not the broadcasting group.

“The BBC does not set the rules upon Twitter, so I’m asking you,” Clayton said. “You changed the labels, the COVID misinformation labels, there used to be a policy, but it then disappeared—why do that?”

Musk responded that “COVID is no longer an issue,” adding, “Does the BBC hold itself at all responsible for misinformation regarding masking and side-effects of vaccinations, and not reporting on that at all?”

Musk’s Twitter policies have also aggravated National Public Radio.

NPR announced its leave from Twitter after the social media company labeled the account “state-funded media” and “government-funded media.”

The label was also given to the BBC.

Reporting from The Epoch Times:

Musk has been a longtime critic of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, lockdowns, as well as other measures enforced by the government. In May 2020, the 51-year-old sent Tesla employees back to work at the automaker’s plant in California in defiance of local shelter-in-place orders, which he described as “forcible imprisoning.”