Elementary School Children Explode With Joy After Being Told They Don’t Need to Wear Masks Anymore

A video shows elementary school children in Las Vegas reacting with a massive outpouring of glee after they’re told they don’t have to wear face masks anymore.

“Starting tomorrow, we don’t have to wear masks anymore!” the teacher tells the kids.

This prompts an immediate outburst of joyful screaming and dancing from the children.

Some of them refuse to wait until tomorrow and rip off the masks there and then.

“Is anybody excited?” jokes the teacher.

It’s refreshing to hear a teacher express happiness at mask mandates ending rather than physically taping masks to children’s faces, as others have been caught doing.

Mask freaks are probably going to be seething at the sight of this clip.

Their obsession with face coverings has contributed to a situation that has caused an explosion in cognitive development disorders in children.

As we previously highlighted, speech therapist say that mask wearing during the pandemic has caused a 364% increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers.

Autism symptoms are on the increase thanks to kids not being able to see full faces, which is vital to their growth.

“They’re not making any word attempts and not communicating at all with their family,” warned therapist Jaclyn Theek.