Educator Sexual Misconduct Increasing Across U.S. Public Schools

Sexual misconduct by teachers and staff against students is on the rise, an audit from the Sexual Assault Unit of the Chicago school’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found. The OIG case examines numerous reports of children as young as six years old being groomed, other students receiving sexual photos, sexual advances, and assault. Founder of the Facebook group The Real Truth About Public Schools Brian Rohrbough said sexual misconduct is the most prominent posting on their page, as the group tracks various issues among the public school system.

From The Epoch Times:

Rosen, who calls himself a “pedo whisperer,” also told The Epoch Times his work has led him to believe there is a connection between educator sex crimes against kids and the current trend to push transgendering of kids by schools.

That conclusion comes from cases like one he is working on involving an Oregon elementary school teacher he confronted for filming kids at school and posting them online. Rosen, who turns his cases over to police after hunting down the predators and confronting them, said he also discovered the teacher was putting his 8-year-old boy in dresses and then filming him.

Rosen said “grooming” kids has become an industry that satisfies a variety of desires, from financial to perverted pleasure.