East Palestine, Ohio, Receives Help from Veteran and ‘Blue Line Moving’ CEO

John Rourke, a veteran and the CEO of Blue Line Moving, has announced he would be helping the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio after a toxic train derailment uprooted the community last year.

Rourke has pledged to bring a water filtration system unit to every single home in the city.

Working with Sentryh20, the company is donating the 2000 systems needed to help the community. 

“The reason why I want to do this is because I am just tired of people not putting America first and Americans first,” Rourke said.

“This Country needs to start putting Americans first. We have to worry about East Palestine more than Palestine.”

A Norfolk Southern train derailed near the town in February 2023 with at least 11 of the train cars that derailed containing hazardous materials.

In February 2024, Former President Donald Trump supporters lined the streets of East Palestine to protest President Joe Biden’s arrival after the train derailment that happened in 2023.

“Too little, too late,” one residents sign read.