Dutch Government to Scrap COVID Restrictions by February’s End

The Netherlands could be free of all COVID-19 restrictions at the end of the month.

  • The Dutch government is preparing to get rid of their remaining COVID-19 restrictions by the end of the month, according to Dutch News.
  • Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that the cabinet is optimistic about extending working hours past the previously enforced 10 pm.
  • The enforcement was put on bars, restaurants, and theaters, which the government might allow to stay open until 1 am in the coming weeks, as well as allowing full houses.
  • Additionally, some parties in government want to do away with social distancing and work from home recommendations, according to NOS.
  • Ministers in the Netherlands are also pushing to end the entry pass system which would mean that people don’t be required to show proof of vaccination to enter certain venues.
  • A partial lifting of lockdown measures happened at the end of January when the prime minister responded to frustration amongst his MPs and members of the public.
  • According to I Am Expat International, petitions began to circulate calling for an end to coronavirus certificates, with overwhelming support.
  • Proprietors of businesses that cater to “nightlife” have turned up the heat, citing their lost revenue and potential long-term damage that this closure has had.
  • Prior to the recent announcement about February 25 stop to COVID-19 measures, the restrictions were intended to stay in place until March 8, almost exactly two years since the initial COVID-19 lockdowns took place.
  • I Am Expat International reported that the cabinet was slated to review the mandates and hold a press conference, which eventually ended in the announcement of the amendment to the statutes.
  • The current package of COVID-19 restrictions are set to remain in place until March 8, but the cabinet is due to reevaluate the national coronavirus situation next week, with an update expected at a press conference with Rutte and Health Minister Ernst Kuipers on Tuesday, February 15.