Drag Queen Responds to Disney Star Embracing Christianity

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor Joshua Bassett recently embraced Christianity, giving a message at the Kid’s Choice Awards focusing on God’s love. Drag queen “Even 6000” described the message as Bassett’s “attempt at grooming kids to follow his beliefs that is wrong.” Rather than supporting Bassett, a self-proclaimed member LGBT community, the drag queen accused Bassett of luring and indoctrinating children.

From PJ Media:

In February, Bassett appeared at Bethel Church to be baptized and to publicly declare his faith in Jesus.

“My name is Joshua and, long story short, I grew up Christian, and I ran the other way as far as I could go in pursuit of truth, and that only ended in addiction, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, etc,” he said in a video from the church that he posted to his Twitter account.

“And no other teacher gave me anywhere near the peace that Jesus Christ,” he continued to loud applause from the congregation. “And I’m here to publicly declare Him as my Lord and Savior.”