Dr. Bartlett Asks if ‘Frankenstein Viruses’ Are Lab-Engineered

Doctor Richard Bartlett of Texas questioned the origin of recent viruses in a discussion of the sudden outbreak of hepatitis and syphilis, noting that much of the sudden increase in disease and illness is correlated to the increase of vaccines. “There were infants who had liver transplants as a result of this, and it was not hepatitis that we had ever seen before,” said Bartlett. “What if this was associated with adenovirus, another common cold virus? So, you have to ask, has there been any gain-of-function research on the upper respiratory, common-cold virus?” He added, “Is it possible that they are making Frankenstein viruses in labs?” Hepatitis analysis suggested that it was not “a hepatitis virus that’s causing hepatitis, but a whole new virus that’s not natural in any way causing hepatitis to kill babies. How could this happen?”

From The Epoch Times:

SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 were game changers for the coronavirus, which was never dangerous before, Bartlett explained, just as the adenovirus hepatitis was a game changer for another benign respiratory virus becoming a deadly disease.

“Will we continue to see a rise in diseases and infections? I hope not, but the question is, what if gain-of-function research is still happening?” Bartlett said.