Donald Trump Responds to Jan 6 Report

Donald Trump released a video response to the 845-page document detailing the final January 6 report where the House Select Committee blamed Trump as the “central cause” of the riot. Trump stated the report left out elements of his speech where he told Capitol protestors to “make their voices heard peacefully and patriotically” and maintain “law and order.” Trump added that “if [Pelosi and the Washington, D.C. mayor] had listened to me, my recommendation [deploying the National Guard], none of this would have happened, and you wouldn’t have heard about January 6 as you know it.”

From The Daily Caller:

“The committee barely discussed the catastrophic security failures at the Capitol, and they didn’t discuss the other thing, the reason why everybody went there: the election, which was a corrupt disaster. They did not discuss why the doors were flung wide open … and they didn’t discuss the role of federal informants,” he continued.

“The events of January 6 were not an insurrection. They were a protest that tragically got out of control, and which the left has been weaponizing ever since, to censor, spy on and persecute American citizens. The entire phony hoax is about taking away your speech, taking away your vote and taking away your freedom,” Trump said.

“The Unselect Committee will go down in history as a con job and a disgrace. They want to stop us from taking back our country, but they will fail, they will not win. We will make America great again,” he concluded.