Donald Trump Is Open to a ‘Trump, DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential Ticket

Former President Donald Trump said his family is on board with the possibility of him running for president again in 2024.

“Well, they love our country, and they hate to see what’s happening,” Trump said of former first lady Melania Trump and son Barron Trump.

“Barron’s a young man, and Melania is a first lady who is really loved,” the former president said. “They love our country, so I think they’ll do what has to be done if we decide to go that way.”

In an interview airing on Newsmax Thursday, Trump was asked if he could envision a “Trump, [Ron] DeSantis” GOP ticket.

“Well, I get along with him,” Trump said of the Florida governor. “I was very responsible for his success because I endorsed him and he went up like a rocket ship.”

DeSantis’s popularity among registered Republican voters continues to climb. A recent poll showed about 45% would vote for Trump compared to 36% who leaned toward DeSantis, the closest any challenger has ever gotten to the former president in a GOP primary poll, with a difference of only 9 points.

Trump touted the success of other endorsements, including Illinois state Sen. Darren Bailey and Rep. Mary Miller’s victories in Wednesday’s Republican primaries for governor and Congress.

The former president blasted the Democrats’ rhetoric regarding who the Left says it wants to face off against.

“They always like to say that,” Trump said. “They take somebody who is doing well, and they say, ‘He’s the one we want.’ It’s called disinformation.”

Looking at November and ahead to the 2024 elections, Trump said that he thinks the Republican Party will have “some tremendous candidates and some very successful candidates.”

Trump added that he thinks the Jan. 6 committee hearings are the Democrats’ effort to prevent him from running for president again.

Reporting from The Washington Examiner.