Donald Trump Hammers ‘RINO Paul Ryan’ as a ‘Weak and Ineffective Leader’ for Republicans to Follow

Former President Donald Trump released a statement Friday morning targeting “RINO” Paul Ryan, the former “lame duck” Speaker of the House, for his “monumental” loss in 2012 and being “a weak and ineffective leader.”

The “RINO,” Trump said, had “lost all vote-getting capability with the people he represented in Wisconsin, and was the single biggest factor, other than Romney himself.”

He added this was the case for the “monumental Romney/Ryan loss in the Presidential race of 2012,” citing when the former president ran in 2020, he “got more votes by far,” adding it was 75 million, “than any sitting president in history!”

Trump continued to say the former speaker is “now speaking to other Republicans telling them how to win elections,” even though he lost.

“Interestingly, I was in the Great State of Wisconsin when they booed him off the podium—I literally had to come to his rescue,” he continued.

The former president observed, “Ryan should instead be telling them how to stop the cheating of elections and that we would have won if Republican leadership fought the way the Democrats did.”