Doctor mocks vaccine skeptics, then DIES after covid vaccine, as media scrubs wrongful death case

A 48-year-old Ohio doctor unexpectedly died on April 27, 2021. There was no official story on the cause of his death, only a satirical obituary that was written in the first person. The news of his death made waves around the world. Various media outlets from MSN to Fox News praised his self-written obituary and extraordinary life as a doctor. The news of his passing was featured in news outlets ranging from Australia to the United Kingdom. Dr. Thomas Flanigan was a loving husband and father. He was also a middle-aged plastic surgeon who often used satire to communicate his views on medical topics. He was very public about his views on vaccines, and even used Facebook to mock vaccine skeptics.

Doctor marketed for Moderna and mocked vaccine skeptics just weeks before suddenly passing away.

On January 6, he got his first dose of Moderna’s experimental vaccine. He got on Facebook to advertise for Moderna, posing for the camera shot. “I did it for the free orange juice. I’m pretty sure the needle was like a foot long. The good news is that I didn’t feel the microchip going in but I can hear local radio stations now,” he stated.