Do-It-Yourself Abortions to Be Terminated, Government Official Confirms

Procedures allowed during COVID pandemic, but proved dangerous.

A long fight in the United Kingdom to end do-it-yourself abortions, using chemicals to kill the unborn child, apparently is coming to a successful end, according to a report from Christian Concern.

The use of the two-drug combination to kill the child and cause the abortion was allowed by regulators during the COVID pandemic.

But now, in a statement on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care, Maggie Throup MP, minister for Vaccines and Public Health, revealed the change.

“I am announcing a six-month extension to the temporary arrangements for the provision of early medical abortion put in place during the COVID pandemic. The government will end the temporary approval put in place at the beginning of the pandemic that allows women to take both pills for early medical abortion up to 10 weeks gestation at home. The temporary approval will end at midnight on 29 August 2022. From this point, the pre-COVID regulatory requirements for the provision of early medical abortion will be reinstated.”

Christian Concern explained, “A return to the previous measures would mean that women would need to book an appointment at a clinic, where an in-person consultation would be necessary before the first abortion pill is administered. Women would be allowed to take the second abortion pill at home.”

The report explained since the DIY abortion program was allowed, “abortion rates have reached their highest rate, with an estimated 200,000 women having used the pills-by-post scheme.”

Andrea Williams, chief of Christian Concern, which has fought the dangerous procedure since it was started, said, “We welcome the government’s decision to finally reverse its emergency authorization for at-home abortion.

“The policy was put in place after a double U-turn from the government during the chaos of the first lockdown. Ministers at the time told parliament they would not allow at-home abortions, warning of the dangers the policy would cause to women. Their fears were entirely founded, though abortion providers have done all they can to whitewash its appalling safety record.”

Williams said his group’s investigation “demonstrated that abortion providers’ telemedicine schemes were wide open to abuse. With our colleagues in the Care for Women group, we exposed the true healthcare data demonstrating Pills by Post is not as safe as abortion activists claimed.”

Christian Concern had launched a legal challenge after former health secretary Matt Hancock ultimately allowed the process.

“The reality of the approval, however, has been exposed by a mystery shopper investigation of the telemedicine service, commissioned by Christian Concern, which found abortion providers sending out pills without safety checks to woman significantly over the 10 week pregnancy legal threshold,” the organization reported.

The results included, among many others, “serious incidents” involving four women being allowed by providers to have traumatic abortions more than 24 weeks into their pregnancies – 14 weeks beyond the legal limit for early medical abortion.

There were reports even that women were dying following those abortion processes, and more than 10,000 cases of women needing hospital treatment for complications.

Among the other potential threats were that under the “temporary” process, women could be forced to have an abortion when they did not want that.