Diversity warriors display their malignant hypocrisy

From the Pentagon to USA Today, they claim to be ‘anti-racist’ saviors, but leaders are exposed as bigots


“Public crusades, private demons.” This is an adage I heard from an old friend years ago when I was lamenting Bill Clinton’s exposure as a misogynist and sexual harasser.

In the years that followed, I learned that malignant hypocrisy and projection of internal rot was not a bug among Democratic leadership, but a feature. They first claimed to be civil rights leaders, then feminists. Now in 2021, they are the “anti-racist” saviors. One thing we know, if the Democrats claim they are here to save you, start running in the opposite direction.

As predictable as the bell chiming at noon, the reality of those who proclaim their credentials as some of the left’s official “anti-racist” diversity leaders and officers are being exposed as the bigots they accuse everyone else of being.

This is not a surprising development as the left telegraphed this absurdity with the creation of a fascist gang calling itself Antifa (“anti-fascist”) believing they could trick people into thinking fascist behavior could be labeled anti-fascist allowing them to get away with it. The equivalent would be an arsonist calling himself a “firefighter” and expecting to be embraced as a pillar of the community.

This madness requires political correctness, media support and the threat of cancellation if you protest. So far, under the aegis of “social justice” and “ending White supremacy” the grift, menacing and destruction continues.