Disorder Changing RFK Jr.’s Voice Is Side Effect of Flu Vaccines

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Good Morning Britain that his neurological disorder affecting his voice is a known side effect of the flu vaccine.

“About three years ago, I was litigating against the flu vaccine. I was preparing a complaint against all the companies that make certain kinds of flu vaccines, and I, for the first time, looked at all the list side effects that are on the manufacturers’ inserts, and this disease, spasmodic dysphonia, was one of the top,” Kennedy told Good Morning Britain correspondent Noel Phillips.

Reporting from The Washington Examiner:

Although Biden holds a commanding lead with the support of 65% of respondents, bestselling self-help author Marianne Williamson nabbed 11% and environmental lawyer Robert Kennedy, Jr. clinched 11%, with another 11% unsure, according to a Change Research poll.