Disneyland Hangs ‘Wheel of Power/Privilege’ in Employee Spaces

A “Wheel of Power/Privilege” was hung in employee spaces of Disneyland, according to a report from The Daily Wire.

The poster was removed after the outlet brought it to the attention of employee management.

According to the poster, “privilege” was defined as “unearned access or advantage granted to specific groups of people because of their membership in a social group.”

“Privilege” includes being a “cisgender male” and speaking English.

The employee who provided images of the post to The Daily Wire said it was hung in the kitchens in the Carnation Cafe, The Tropical Hideaway, Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe, and Refreshment Corner.

American Faith reported that Disney World was allegedly producing “pronoun pins” for its employees, according to anonymous employees.

Hi everyone, we are excited to introduce pronoun name tags in our area!” a form reads, according to The Daily Caller. “Pronoun name tags help us understand each other more and bring a positive impact within our community!”

In August, Disney used transgender, “gender fluid” TikTok influencer Seann Altmann to model character clothing.

The influencer released a promo video for Disney Style where he is seen donning the attire of Minnie Mouse, complete with the red hair bow and yellow pumps.

The clothing worn by a biological man was targeted toward young women and girls.