Disney to Release ‘Queer’ Romance for Youth

The show is a “queer” teen romance.

  • Disney+ is producing a “queer” fantasy series called “Willow” which follows the story of a teen sorcerer.
  • The show is produced by Jonathan Kasdan, who told journalists there was “no pushback,” when asked if there was any opposition to the romance between two female characters.
  • The show is rated TV-14 and begins airing on Disney+ on November 30.
  • “What’s interesting is — I hope and I believe we’re at a moment where you’re going to see a paradigm shift in that,” Kasdan said.
  • “And hopefully, the way that it’s gonna happen is that these kinds of [queer] stories, particularly like this one, that were just organic to the narrative we were telling, find their way in, and it becomes less of a surprising and unusual thing to see,” the producer went on.
  • The Disney+ description says, “Willow, the legendary sorcerer, returns in a new series set many years after the events of the original film. Willow leads a group of misfit heroes on a dangerous rescue mission through a world beyond their wildest imaginations.”
  • The producer also said he hopes the trend continues: “As we enter 2022, the world has changed, in the way we’re absorbing entertainment, and the faces we’re reflecting in entertainment have expanded enormously, and we hope the show can be growing as the world grows. Just as, frankly, the movie was.”
  • The fantasy film “Willow” by Ron Howard and George Lucas, which didn’t achieve “Star Wars” levels of renown, is nevertheless regarded by many fans as a cult masterpiece from the era and became the basis for the upcoming show.
  • At another point in the interview, Kasdan claimed that “Harry Potter” and the Bible were both influences for the series.