Diseases Spread by Fecal Matter Rising in Portland

Residents of Multnomah County are being urged to have adequate hygiene after the number of shigella cases increased in Old Town Portland, Oregon.

Shigella is a disease that spreads through fecal matter.

According to KOIN 6, a county official said, “Shigella spreads when one person’s infected poop gets into another person’s mouth through food or water, from objects or surfaces with shigella bacteria on them, or during sex. Shigella spreads very easily. Even a very small amount is enough to make someone sick.”

The outlet reported that the disease affects homosexual men, international travelers, and contaminated food.

Throughout 2023, 218 cases of shigella were reported.

“Local disease patterns suggest that fecal-oral spread through sexual contact may account for between half and more than two-thirds of all cases without international travel. The rest are typically attributed to other types of person-to-person spread including outbreaks among populations with lack of hygiene, shelter, and sanitation, and among people who use illicit substances,” county officials explained.