Detransitioning Woman ‘Heartbroken’ After Irreversible Surgery

After beginning transitioning as a young girl and undergoing a double mastectomy at 18 years old, now 24-year-old Prisha Mosley is detransitioning and speaking out about her struggles.

“One of the issues I have is the lack of identity,” Mosley explained. “And on top of not having a lot of friends and having issues at home, when I found the trans community and found a new identity and was affirmed… that’s what caused me to transition.”

On “America Reports” Friday, Mosley attributed her mental health condition and manipulation from therapists and doctors for her decision to transition at such a young age. She said her parents were also manipulated into supporting the gender change.

“I was manipulated not only by my trans peers, but by my gender specialist, the person who gave me my letter of recommendation in surgery. It was all sold as like a wonderful thing,” she said. 

“It wasn’t like a medical condition that you needed to be treated that was sad or serious. It was like a fun thing like you’re trans now and it’s celebrated and you’re wonderful and you’re a hero and all of that. And you know, that attention is what I was looking for.”

Mosley shared that getting treatment for underlying diagnoses that predated her gender dysphoria prompted her to start detransitioning. 

Many of Mosley’s treatments and procedures during her transition are irreversible, including her double mastectomy, also known as top surgery.

“The whole time to me, I feel like I was in like a fugue. I was so mentally unwell and unstable, and that was the time in which the trans community really found me,” Mosley told host John Roberts. “But the whole thing just feels really messed up to me.”

“I’m heartbroken… there’s just a lot of grief.”

Detrasitioners including Mosley have joined experts in criticizing American Girl over its recent book “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image” which includes discussions on gender identity. Mosley shared her thoughts on the company’s publication.

“Every single person who’s about to go through or who is going through puberty is uncomfortable with their body. And it’s changing and it’s hard. And this language is so confusing and so strange and nuanced for them,” Mosley said.

“It’s incredibly confusing. I almost think it’s predatory. It’s setting them up for confusion.”

American Girl has defended the book despite the backlash.

Mosley is using her experience to encourage other young girls to consider their mental health before making physical alterations to their bodies.

“I’m finally out of denial,” she said.