Designer Add Features Kids Amid Sexualized Content

Society is crossing into adult “involvement with the sexuality of children,” says Tucker Carlson.

  • Fox News host Tucker Carlson called a recent designer brand advertisement another demonstration of adult “involvement with the sexuality of children.”
  • “That has always been, and in a civilized society must always be, the most forbidden thing. It’s considered unacceptable even among prison inmates. But now it seems to be growing in its prevalence,” Carlson said.
  • The Fox Host outlined the use of a young girl holding a teddy bear in a bondage outfit as part of an advertisement for the designer company Balenciaga.
  • Another portion of the ad showed documents strewn around a desk with one document containing portions of the Supreme Court case, Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, which struck down two provisions of the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996.
  • Carlson said that the ad was “what it appears to be,” saying the company created an “endorsement of kiddie porn, of child pornography.”
  • “A child with a teddy bear in a bondage outrage. Are we jumping to conclusions? I don’t think so. It is what it appears to be. It’s right in your face and no one is saying anything. Again, Instagram had no problem with this until Elon Musk took over Twitter,” Carlson said. “If you’ve ever been on Twitter, you know what we mean. Truly, an entire sector of our economy is devoted to attacking people for falling short of the mark, and here is a high-end retailer promoting kiddie porn in an ad on Instagram and nobody notices.”
  • “So all of this has been happening out in the open, but NBC News hasn’t bothered to report on any of it. Where are the reports of Balenciaga pushing kid porn in an Instagram ad. No. They’re saving all of their energy for you pointing it out. You need to be censored.”
  • “There’s no boycott. There’s no front-page New York Times editorial against it and of course, Instagram, let the advertisement run endorsing kiddie porn and by the way, if you have an alternate explanation for what this was, let us know. A child with a teddy bear in a bondage outfit, and a Supreme Court decision striking down a kiddie porn law displayed on the table. What is that? Are we jumping to conclusions? Don’t think so. It is what it appears to be.”
  • President Joe Biden said recently that he is in favor of minors getting irreversible transgender surgery.
  • The president made the remarks during an interview with Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man who identified as a woman, who has gained notoriety online for employing stereotypically hyperfeminine language while “transitioning” into “girlhood.”
  • “Many states have lawmakers that feel like they can involve themselves in this very personal process. Do you think states should have the right to ban gender-affirming health care?” Mulvaney asked while speaking to Biden at the White House.
  • “I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that, as a moral question and a legal question,” Biden responded.