DeSantis to Ban COVID Mandates

Gov. Ron DeSantis declared on Tuesday that he wants to make permanent his ban on COVID vaccine and mask mandates, which he says is a “prescription for freedom.”

The Florida governor argued that such mandates would have prevented people from making a living, kept parents from sending their children to school, discriminated against those who were not vaccinated, and silenced doctors.

“We believe there’s no turning back from our direction,” DeSantis said during a Panama City Beach rally. “We need to lead with this by making all of these protections permanent in the Florida statutes, which we are going to do in the upcoming legislative session.”

The governor has been challenging businesses, resorts, airlines, and the cruise industry over their mask and vaccine requirements since he issued executive orders banning them.

“Almost two years ago we were the first state to ban vaccine passports,” he said. “We banned mandates in the workplace.”

Gov. DeSantis also pushed back against school districts and local governments that imposed mask mandates, and went against the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other mainstream organizations.

Instead, DeSantis followed the advice of medical scientists and physicians who questioned the preventive measures outlined by the CDC.

The governor noted that it was not easy to stand against major institutions, the medical industry, legacy media, and even the president of the United States in order to prevent a “biomedical security state” from being imposed on America.

“It didn’t come easy and we had to stand against major institutions, the medical industry, legacy media and even the president of the United States … who were together working to impose a biomedical security state on America,” Gov. DeSantis said.

Bay County dermatologist Dr. Jon Ward said that DeSantis “supports the strongest free speech protection for physicians in America.”

“When we get this done this legislative session, I will be honored to be in a group of the freest doctors who take care of the freest patients in the freest state of America,” Ward added.