DeSantis Says to ‘Chill Out’ Over 2024 Presidency

When asked about 2024 presidential campaigns, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) told the press, “[W]e just finished this election, people just need to chill out a little bit.” He directed reporters’ focus to the Georgia runoff, saying, “it’s very important for Republicans to win” the runoff.” He continued, “I mean, I know around the country, Florida was kind of the biggest bright spot, it was not so bright in other parts of the country.”

From Just the News:

DeSantis cruised to reelection last week, handily defeating Democratic rival Charlie Crist by nearly ten points. Trump-backed Republicans did not fare quite as well and the GOP, though favored to win both chambers of Congress, lost the Senate while the control of the House remains undecided.