DeSantis Leads Iowa Republican Poll

The Neighborhood Research and Media poll reveals Iowa Republicans favor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential candidate. 32% of respondents favored DeSantis and 30% preferred Trump. The poll is indicative of a 23-point swing for DeSantis. When polled on their choice for a secondary candidate, 48% responded DeSantis and 42% chose Trump. 30% of those polled were indecisive throughout the poll.

From The Daily Wire:

As opposed to other states’ primaries, in the Iowa caucuses no secret ballot and no absentee participation is permitted; the delegates representing Iowa at the Republican National Convention are divided proportionally to the statewide vote.


Iowa’s Republican Party chair wants to make it as difficult as possible for national Democrats to dethrone his state from its early perch in the presidential primary season, even if it means moving the state’s caucuses up by several months.

Democrats have suggested they might drop Iowa from their primary schedule because they feel it is not ethnically diverse enough. Iowa GOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann responded harshly, saying, “This is the Democrats that are pulling this crap and I’m telling you right now, they don’t want to play chicken with me. This is pure, progressive, power politics.”