DeSantis Announces Legislation to ‘Counteract Biden’s Border Crisis’ (Watch)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday announced his proposal to “take action against the increasing threats posed by illegal immigration” as a result of the “Biden administration’s failure to secure our nation’s borders.”

According to a press release from the governor’s office, the executive legislation will increase penalties for human smuggling and strengthen statutes for the detention of illegal aliens.

The proposal also requires universal use of E-Verify, enhances penalties for document falsification, and prohibits the issuance by local governments of ID cards to people who are not lawfully in the country.

“Florida will lead the way in protecting Americans from the deleterious effects of the Left’s open borders agenda,” the press release states.

Gov. DeSantis commented, “With this legislation, Florida is continuing to crack down on the smuggling of illegal aliens, stopping municipalities from issuing ID cards to people here illegally, and ensuring that employers are hiring American citizens or those here legally.”

“Florida is a law and order state, and we won’t turn a blind eye to the dangers of Biden’s Border Crisis. We will continue to take steps to protect Floridians from reckless federal open border policies,” he went on to say.

Per the release, the legislation also:

  • invalidates all out-of-state licenses to unauthorized aliens
  • requires those registering to vote to affirm they are United States citizens and legal residents of Florida
  • prevents unauthorized immigrants from being admitted to practice law
  • eliminates out-of-state tuition fee waivers for undocumented immigrant students
  • requires hospitals to collect data on the immigration status of patients and the costs to provide care to illegal aliens and regularly report the data to the Governor and Legislature