Department of Agriculture Pushes Wokeness in Farming

The interim report detailed 32 recommendations to advance “equity.”

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an interim report with 32 recommendations to increase equitable practices across the department and farming practices.
  • The purpose of the recommendations is to “reduce disparities and advance racial justice and equity for underserved communities,” according to the USDA website.
  • Recommendations include actions related to: “How USDA Works with Farmers, Ranchers, and Producers Day-to-Day; USDA’s Need for Department-Wide Change; USDA’s Commitment to Farmworkers and Their Families; USDA’s Research and Extension Programs; and USDA Nutrition Programs,” reads the website.
  • The report addresses reported racial inequalities in agriculture, reviewing complaints that “discrimination, bias, or unfairness has played a significant role in limiting their access to services and benefits.”
  • Deputy Secretary Jewel Bronaugh and United Farm Workers President Emeritus Arturo Rodriguez lead the USDA Equity Commission, a move from a Biden executive order demanding federal organizations promote racial equity.
  • “We didn’t want this set of interim recommendations to look like things we’ve seen in previous reports,” said Bronaugh, describing the report. “We wanted to get at systemic change.”
  • USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack wrote a letter in response to the interim report, stating, “Our commitment to equity is about creating an agricultural economy, a rural economy, and an American economy that create opportunity for all.”
  • “While this is a subset of many bold actions that we will seek to implement, they establish the foundation upon which USDA will build a more just and equitable farm and food system,” Vilsack added. “USDA will institutionalize these strategies to become an organization that is trusted today and by future generations.”
  • “Equity is now at the core of what USDA does; institutionalizing diversity and equity is a top priority of the Biden-Harris Administration,” the response continued.
  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) is also making efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
  • The Justice Department is to spend $57 million on reforms pushing “racial equity” that will require a “collective commitment” from employees on all levels.
  • Equity efforts recognize “the dignity and humanity of everyone,” according to Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta.