Democrats, Corporate Media Set the Stage for Election Chaos, Delayed Results

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Democrats and their allies in corporate media are setting the stage for election chaos as the 2022 midterms arrive and Republicans appear poised to seize control of not just Capitol Hill, but pivotal state offices around the country.

Votes could take days or weeks to be counted, Democrats and the corporate media are suddenly claiming, with ABC News even predicting that a “red mirage” will make it look like Republicans have triumphed on election night, before late additions to vote totals swing for Democrats.

Amazingly, the delayed result phenomenon predicted by Democrats and corporate media was virtually non-existent in America before the nation’s 2020 contest, an election plagued by illegalities that roughly half the country believes was stolen by Democrats and the globalist deep state.

Now, election integrity activists and watchdogs are warning it could happen again, as corporate media and Democrat politicians appear to be setting the stage for exactly that, desperate to stay in control.

“A ‘red mirage,’ or an artificial GOP vote lead, will likely reoccur Tuesday,” ABC News posted to Twitter, attaching an article explaining that it’s “OK” to not know the actual results on election night, and “OK” that America’s elections have been thrust into total chaos by unfettered (and oftentimes illegal) mail-in and early voting.

The phenomenon described by ABC News was experienced all over the country in the 2020 Presidential Election, very notably in Virginia, where in multiple instances, Democrat candidates were thought to be defeated before massive ballot drops materialized in their favor.

Like ABC, CNN is preparing American voters to wait on election results for days, even though third-world nations have demonstrated over and over again that even they are capable of completing 1-day elections.

“I don’t think we’re going to know tonight,” a CNN guest said of the midterm election results.

“Of course not!” exclaimed Don Lemon.

Watch CNN claim that elections take days below:

Even Vox, the left-wing e-news publication for millennials and zoomers, is priming the minds of voters to accept delayed results, claiming in a headline that it’s “normal” to have no idea who won an election.

Among the top election delays cited by Vox is mail-in voting.

Reporting from National File.