Democrat Rep. Encourages Abortions During ‘Holiday Season’

Massachusetts Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley encouraged Americans to “support your local abortion fund this holiday season.”

The tweet was widely condemned on social media.

“Gross. You probably would’ve told the Virgin Mary to get an abortion,” one individual wrote.

“The sooner you recognize it boils down to Enmity for the Womb, the sooner you realize what Humanity is up against,” another response read.

“Awww. It’s the holidays, celebrate by eliminating the unborn. What a message,” an X user responded.

In June, Pressley introduced the Abortion Justice Act.

“In a truly just America, everyone is free to make decisions about their lives, their bodies, and their futures with dignity – including the decision to pursue abortion care without fear, shame, or systemic barriers. Abortion care is health care and a fundamental human right, but access to this right has been stripped away from far too many, exacerbating many of the inequities and disparities that harm our most vulnerable,” the representative said in a press release. “Our Abortion Justice Act builds the infrastructure necessary to systematically expand access to care, and I am thankful for my colleagues and our advocates for their close partnership on this bill. A just America is possible, and I look forward to the day where our bodily autonomy is our own.”