Dem Rep. Peltola: Biden Needs to Approve Alaska’s Willow Oil Project So We Can Lower Prices

On Friday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America,” Rep. Mary Peltola (D-AK) said that high gas prices are one reason she’s urging the Biden administration to approve the Willow oil development Project in the state that “could provide relief to Alaskans and Americans.”

Peltola stated that the biggest issue for Alaskan voters is “inflation. It’s gas prices. It’s diesel prices. Most homes in Alaska are off of the road system and about 40% of Alaska is off the road system. Our state is enormous. If you split Alaska in half, Texas would be the third-largest state in the nation, so we have an enormous footprint. And most of our homes are fueled by diesel fuel. We call it stove oil. Some outlier communities at the far extreme…they’re paying $17.99 a gallon for unleaded. They’re paying $12.99 a gallon for diesel fuel to heat their homes. So, these are outrageous prices. And this is one of the reasons that I signed on with my two Senators, Sen. Murkowski (R) and Sen. Sullivan (R), to implore the administration to help us with Willow and getting that project permitted because of directional drilling, and now having the ability to have directional drilling reach seven miles, this oil field in Prudhoe Bay is something that is doable and could provide relief to Alaskans and Americans.”

Reporting by Breitbart News.