‘Dear Don Lemon, You’re not God’

The CNN host declares that 2,000 years of church teaching on sexual dignity, morality and about God is wrong


Last Monday, CNN host Don Lemon strutted onto the world’s stage to declare with ex-cathedra confidence that Christian orthodoxy and its 2,000 years of church teaching on sexual dignity, sexual morality and about God himself is wrong.

“I think that the Catholic Church and many other churches really need to reexamine themselves,” said Mr. Lemon, “[Their teaching] is not what God is about. God is not about hindering people or even judging people.”

With all due respect to Mr. Lemon’s superior theological training and ecclesiastical wisdom, it might be wise to consider what the actual teachings of the church are before we toss them on the ash heap of Mr. Lemon’s call for “reexamination.”

Here’s just a smattering of some of what the church has taught for two millennia concerning “hindering people,” “judging people,” and even more importantly, “what God is all about.” 

The Apostle Peter defined Jesus Christ as both “God and Savior.”

Saint Paul told us that Jesus is “the image of the invisible God.”