Data Shows 18 Active Cases Related To Election Irregularities

Election fraud cases from the 2020 presidential election are still being looked into. Data shows there are still 18 active court cases out of the 83 total filed in relation to the last election cycle. However, the majority of the inactive cases were not looked into by the courts.

Twenty-one cases related to election fraud were based on merit with President Trump and the GOP winning 14 of those. There are active lawsuits in 11 states with the majority in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

This came after the Supreme Court refused to hear multiple election-related lawsuits last month, which arose from possible election fraud in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The high court did not provide a justification for rejecting one of the more contentious cases filed by U.S. attorney Sidney Powell in Pennsylvania

Powell alleged there was evidence of electronic manipulation of votes, which resulted in thousands of ballots not being counted in multiple states.

“In this case it requires forensic evaluations of the machines and looking at all of the paper ballots, we already know that’s not going to match up,” explained the attorney. “There were counterfeit ballots…if you just keep running the same counterfeit bill through the same counting machine, you’re going to get the same result.”

According to the Heritage Foundation, there have been over 1,300 proven cases of voter fraud in recent years and over 1,100 convictions.