Dark Brandon Disaster: #PedoHitler Trends on Twitter After Joe Biden’s Divisive Speech

“#PedoHitler” began trending on Twitter following President Joe Biden’s divisive political speech Thursday at the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the president declared that “MAGA Republicans” are a “threat” to “American democracy” with ominous red lighting and members of the U.S. military behind him.

“The unity I feel for President Trump and my fellow MAGA Republicans after that hate filled speech from #PedoHitler last night is something I haven’t felt since the second plane hit the Twin Towers on 9/11,” one Twitter user reacted.

The hashtag was popularized by conservative pundit and best-selling author “Catturd” who got the ball rolling with a tweet on Thursday evening.

“In case you didn’t know … #PedoHilter Joe Biden said yesterday that 75,000,000 U.S. citizens are the enemy of the USA,” Catturd later tweeted. “There’s no words good enough to explain how much I loathe this POS, wannabe dictator, disgusting, sniffing, groping, creepy, gross loser.”

“They chose the correct lighting for Biden’s Satanic speech,” another Twitter user said, adding, “#PedoHitler.”

“#PedoHitler is still trending #3 nationally, someone at Twitter gonna get fired lol,” another wrote, suggesting that a Twitter employee is not keeping up with their alleged job responsibility of hashtag censorship.

“The United States now has a president that earned the moniker #PedoHitler,” another pointed out, adding, “Orange Man was way less threatening.”

“You know the Democrat party is afraid of the midterms when the dementia patient in charge divides the nation further after running on unity,” another wrote. “Americans who voted for Donald Trump are normal. They are just like you and I. This rhetoric is dangerous and disgusting. #Pedohilter.”

“#Pedohilter How anyone can support this president, and frankly, the entire democrat party, after this display tonight is beyond me,” another Twitter user proclaimed.

“This is who Democrats support. #Pedohilter,” another affirmed.

“#PedoHilter is an unhinged lunatic,” another said. “It’s funny…I can’t hurt someone’s feelings on Twitter, but he is allowed to threaten 150 million people on live TV.”

“Why does #PedoHitler hate America so much? America has given Joe Biden everything. He’s lived off of American taxpayers his whole life. But he has so much hate in his heart towards our nation & our wonderful people,” another tweeted. “Biden is a sick, evil, & satanic man. He must be impeached.”

“What kind of psychotic cult member must you be to have watched that satanic speech last night from #Pedohilter and came away thinking it was successful?” another Twitter user asked.

Certainly, Biden’s choice of words — as well as the optics — did not generate a positive response, with even some of Trump’s harshest critics admitting that the 46th president had made a mistake.

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar, for example, was one of the many who reacted unfavorably to what she heard and saw from Biden, writing, “Whatever you think of this speech the military is supposed to be apolitical. Positioning Marines in uniform behind President Biden for a political speech flies in the face of that.”

Reporting by Breitbart News.