Dana White Blasts Reporter Over COVID Treatment: WATCH

UFC President Dana White defended himself against a reporter who questioned the COVID treatments he and friend Joe Rogan took after contracting the virus.

  • During a post-fight press conference Saturday night, fully vaccinated Dana White spoke out about his beliefs that COVID treatments such as monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin are almost impossible to get, The Blaze reported.
  • “Medicine that absolutely works, their keeping from us,” White said. “I don’t want to get too political and start getting into all this sh**, but ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies have been around for a long time. Now all of a sudden you can’t dig them up to save your life; the doctors won’t give them to you.”
  • When asked if he was surprised about the backlash he’s received discussing different treatment options he replied, “it’s disgusting.”
  • After a reporter questioned White about being a doctor, he immediately fired back saying they both worked for him and therefore he should be able to take them again.
  • “You want to know what’s scary? I bet I can get some f***ing pain pills quicker than I can get monoclonal antibodies. Not maybe, that’s a fact,” White stated.

“You can’t get those things to save your life now, literally,” said White.

  • Dana White contracted COVID in December 2021, and was able to get monoclonal antibodies after what he described as “one phone call.”
  • Since then, he said the treatments have become nearly impossible to get after gaining public attention, not just the famous or wealthy.
  • “Like anybody could’ve called.. Everybody couldv’e got it back then,” White said.
  • This comes after the federal government stopped the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments in late December, claiming they were ineffective against the new Omicron variant.