Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing Launches New Chocolate Company in Response to Hershey’s Woke Trans Stunt

In response to Hershey Canada’s International Women’s Day campaign featuring a trans-identified biological male, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing announced an anti-woke competing chocolate brand with two varieties: Jeremy’s Chocolate.

The new candy line features two products, a chocolate bar called “She/Her,” and another with nuts called “He/Him.” The launch video, which featured Daily Wire personalities Brett Cooper and Michael Knowles, Boering said “our friends over at Hersey’s don’t even know what a woman is.”

The promotional bars that Hershey produced for the feminist holiday are named “Her-She” to represent women, despite being promoted by Fae Johnstone, a trans activist who has spoken publicly about wanting women with different political views to be “so vilified” that they don’t dare speak at all.

“They’ve hired a biological male to be the spokesperson for their Women’s Day campaign,” said Boreing. “And they’re calling that campaign, and I swear I’m not making this up, ‘Her-She.'”

“It’s humiliating,” he continued. “And it’s the reason I’m launching Jeremy’s Chocolate.”

“We have two kinds. She/Her, and He/Him. One of them’s got nuts. If you need me to tell you which one it is, keep giving your money to Hershey’s.”

The website url to purchase the new chocolate bars is “ihatehersheys.com.”

On Thursday, Hershey came under fire for “erasing women” in their newest progressive ad campaign.

Johnstone identifies as a “queer, trans and feminist activist” on Twitter, but believes that women who don’t believe “trans women are women” should be intimidated into silence.

“I actually do want a political environment in which TERFs are so vilified they don’t dare speak their views, let alone act on them,” Johnstone tweeted in 2021. “Shut. Them. Down.”

The massive backlash from critics of radical gender theory got #BoycottHersheys to trend on the social media platform.

Reporting from The Post Millennial.