Dad Assaulted, Forcibly Removed From School Board Meeting for Not Wearing a Mask

Video shows a security guard forcibly evicting a dad from a school meeting in New York on Tuesday after he refused to put on a face mask.

  • Security guards at a New York school board meeting were caught on camera forcibly dragging a dad out of the meeting for not wearing a mask, according to Summit News.
  • The video was obtained by ROC for Educational Freedom and showed a man peacefully sitting at the back of the room before he was accosted by a guard.
  • The woman filming was quick to call out the guard, and assert that his auctions easily rose to the level of assault, but to no avail.
  • Other parents were heard asking the police to step in, but while the officer followed the dad and his assaults outside, he did not participate or stop the interaction.
  • Man, presumed to be a security guard, bent to speak to the man, who responded and continued to watch.
  • Following the exchange, the guard pulled the man’s seat backward, and when he stood to walk forward, the guard caught his jacket, pulling him backward.
  • The dad then continued forward, leaving his jacket behind, later sitting again in his chair, which prompted the guard to tip his chair backward, seeming to want to dump the man out.
  • When he stood again, the guard and one other man, possibly a guard, forcibly shoved the dad out of a door at the back of the auditorium.

WARNING: Strong Language

  • Parents nationwide have begun to stand up for their rights and the rights of their children at school board meetings across the country, expressing their concerns over unconstitutional mask mandates and other issues, including this report by The Daily Signal.
  • Another group of parents stood firm in Illinois where a father broke down in tears about his child being forced to wear a mask in school, according to The Patch.