D.O.J. Is Damaging the Trust of Americans by ‘Doing the Bidding of the Radical Left,’ Former Official Warns

Former counselor Gene Hamilton claims that attacks on voter ID legislation and school parents violate Attorney General Merrick Garland’s vow to restore department norms.

  • Former Department of Justice official says Attorney General Merrick Garland is undercutting the trust of the American people by playing to the “radical” left.
  • Gene Hamilton served as a counselor to former Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and William Barr and told Just the News that Garland should focus on core law enforcement priorities instead of ideological agendas.
  • According to Hamilton, Garland’s recent attention to the leftist agenda is not only going to betray the trust of Americans, but it’s going to push America further from “normal” if it continues.
  • Voter ID laws in Georgia and Texas, as well as the DOJ’s investigation into parents protesting schools, are two of the most egregious offenses by the DOJ, according to Hamilton.
  • “For all of his rhetoric, and for all of his talk about returning the Department of Justice to norms and all of those other such things, Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has betrayed the trust of the American people,” Hamilton said during an interview Friday on the John Solomon Reports podcast.
  • “This Department of Justice has just completely gone to the left, completely done the opposite of returning to norms,” he added. “If that is such a thing. And they’re really doing the bidding of the radical left these days.
  • “There’s chains of approval, and different things that usually happen when you’re going to issue a memo of that significance,” he explained concerning the parents and school boards memo. “But with Garland’s memo, it clearly did not go through the ordinary course. It clearly was precooked, prebaked.”
  • “What’s happening right now is you have brave state attorneys general who are standing up there filing lawsuits, they’re trying to stop this nonsense,” he said.
  • The DOJ is currently suing Texas over what it calls “restrictive” voting laws that went into effect in September, requesting the judicial branch of the government stop the enforcement of the identified provisions in the law, according to ABC News.
  • The National Review reported that the DOJ is investigating parents who protested school boards using counterterrorism tools, as of a whistleblower’s report in mid-November of 2021.